American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson at Fantasy Springs Resort Spa Casino

Kelly Clarkson ~photo by Pat Krause
Story and Photos by Pat Krause

Fantasy Springs Resort Spa Casino was sold out for a concert by American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson on Saturday April 7th. The Event Center was filled completely with fans of all ages. She has had a lot of bad publicity but it didn’t show here. Her video backdrop showed a lot of the newspaper articles saying she was fat, a failure, stale music, lost sponsors and Albums leaks. She wanted to show she had proved them all wrong.

THe first band on stage was Matt Nathanson. They played and sang for over 45 minutes. One of the more favorite songs they sang was Do You Want to Dance. There was an almost 45 minute intermission before Kelly Clarkson came on stage. Cheers erupted from the crowd and most fans stood for most of her performance. Cheering after each song.

Some of the songs she sang were Breakaway, You Love me, Because of You, What Doesn’t Kill You and more from her new album Stronger. She has improved since her days with American Idol. She can hold her own on any stage. She has proved she deserved the title of Winner of American Idol.

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