Written By: Carolyn W. Gaines

I think, if President Obama reviewed Floyd Mayweather’s record of 47 and 0. He would say to Floyd Mayweather Jr., you are invited to “The White House,” and please bring your father before I leave office.

Desert Hot Springs, Ca.-In the beginning, Money Man, Money MayWeather landed 2 amazing Winning Fathom Rolls Royce Boxing, Green, Gloves in the ring, September 13, 2014 Corona Extra Presented Mayhem MAYWEATHER VS MAIDANA 2, Saturday 8:00 PM at MGM Grand Arena to 50,000 Las Vegas Fans, and Globally around the World.

Before the Mayhem, Mayweather and Maidana had trained seconds, minutes, hours, days, 5 to six weeks to present their die-hard fans with a fight that Maidana “Bite” one of Floyd’s Rolls Royce “Pretty” Boxing Glove Who ”Show Time and CBS announced universally in the 21st Century, mass media,”Boxing News.” Marcos whose nickname is Chico. Maidana’s worst fear was not to take Floyd’s green belts home.

Floyd’s boxing skills came from his legendary father Mayweather Sr. and famed Uncle Roger that ‘Won this mysterious 32 minutes wake-up call for the loser, just two days ago.

The trouble about the Money Man is another professional boxer always want to be a “World Biggest Fool” title song recorded by renowned and legendary Blues Artist Roy Gaines, and tries to take Floyd’s Mayweather WBC & WBA Welterweight Titles & Super Welterweight Belts.

Superstar R&B Singer “Monica” Rocked her high-pitched tones and notes. She sang the “National Anthem” with rage, and celebration attired in a silken long, lovely black outfit just like Mayweather’s girlfriend in a lustrous, pink feather, diamonds sparkling,

long dress.

Both Boxing Superstar’s received claps, major boos, cheers, smiles, laughter, happiness, excitement, and their fans gave them sheer love. Floyd stepped into his boxing ring kicking his legs to the invisible beats of ”Jump In My Cadillac” by Blues Singer Roy Gaines to warm up. This song should be played at the next fight. The lights went out, and the crowds went uncontrollable zany and wild. This fight was on an extraordinary perfect cool, sunny, Saturday evening for an outstanding investment. Mayweather’s Promotion Staff said,” They just love boxing sports”.

Let’s Chat about a few about these Ali’s Greasy and Frazier’s Buttery World’s Greatest:

Mayweather Promotion Round 1:

On the way, Floyd began with an unbelievable right straight hand punch to rock Maidana’s spirit in his face. Floyd felt down no big deal. Maidana jabs back to Floyd’s body. Mayweather’s hands are so fast, and we might have to invent a new clock to calculate the speed of his hands. Mayweather 1-0

Show Time Round 2:

Floyd used his dancing game in the center of the canvas. Floyd tagged Maidana with a right jab. Marcos missed his jabs, right hooks and dodged Mayweather quite a bit. Floyd through an upper cut to Marcos’s chins. Maidana wins.

Golden Boy Roy Round 4:

Money Mayweather almost fell down with 32 million dollars in $20s, as Mayweather slipped Chico’s right hook. Maidana did put some pressure on Floyd. Maidana wins 2-2.

Corona Extra Round 5:

Floyd hit Maidana with a left upper cut to chin. Mayweather hit a left-hand jab to Maidana’s face.

Floyd gained power to blast this round. Maidana kept missing hits. Mayweather wins.

Show Time Round 6:

Floyd kept his distance. Maidana kept missing his jabs. Maidana kept Floyd on the rope and off the rope. Mayweather got some boos, and hits a left. Marcos hits in the face. Floyd has proven left and right. A song by Blues man Roy Gaines’ called, ”You’re. Right, and I’m Left”. Both boxers were throwing rights and lefts. Marcos worked inside the bell.

Midway toward the end of the brawl, Marcos looked like he was losing. “Marcos Maidana is a tough customer, and he gave me a fight that had me working for the Victory, “said Mayweather. Mayweather win 4-2.

Corona Extra Round 8:

Money Mayweather was a smooth, graceful Cat that Chico could not figure. Why do, I call him the Cat man his blast from the cat world is extremely difficult to figure out. I saw his tactics with my own eyes. Marcos was sending body language messages to Floyd you don’t understand: I am tied, and I like to catch my breathe, please, Money Man. This boxing news moment was related to Blues man Roy Gaines’ song called, “You Don’t Understand”.

Mayweather says Maidana bit my glove, and Bayless said he didn’t see it. This Cheating weird moment from Marcos did something to Floyd’s Roll Royce’s money green glove in the

ring. Money Mayweather would have to agree with Roy Gaines’ song called, “First Rule of Cheating.” Marcos was Cheating. Marcos tried to push Floyd around like a child. Floyd the cat came back with a left, and the round finally ends. Boxing Fans started yelling Chico is Mike Tyson. Mayweather 6-2

O’Reilly Round 9:

Floyd did a lot of holdings. Maidana held, and hit Floyd with his left. Marcos was very confused after bite Floyd’s Rolls Royce glove and possibly his finger. Floyd pointed to Maidana where to go back to his ring corner. He became confused, and walked in the direction of Floyd’s ring corner. Floyd had his can’t figure me out timing down after round 4. Mayweather won again, now 7-2

Equalizer Round 10:

Money Man sent out, double dipping, double up right jabs to Maidana’s body. Maidana had Floyd in the corner. Floyd had Marcos sweaty, dropping and missing right upper cuts to his face. Marcos was hitting at “The Money Cat” with air upper cuts. Floyd kept moving around in the ring like a cat that Maidana couldn’t catch. It was very obvious Maidana needed a knockout. Mayweather 8-2

Mexico Round 11:

Maidana kept swinging aggressively and wildly. Floyd’s counter with a left to make sure

Marcos was rolling his own biscuit. Another song from Roy Gaines’ called, “Roll Your Own Biscuit.” Floyd wasn’t going to give Maidana any grits, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, over easy eggs-white with brown toast, and grape jelly. Show sounds good! Maidana kept being frustrated by Mayweather’s movement. Moneyman wins 9-2

Golden Boy, Mayweather Promotion, Corona Extra Round 12:

Floyd was moving like a cat and dancing to avoid trouble. This was a nightmare fight

for Maidana, who kept looking for a knockout. Maidana corners Mayweather and lands

a flurry. Mayweather connected more punches than Marcos. Money Mayweather is the

unanimous winner.

Floyd’s Fans Steven Jones said,’ YOU HAVE TO BEAT THE MAN TO BE THE MAN.”

Mayweather Jr. Fan said,” His next flight should be in Madison Square Garden.”

I asked Floyd Mayweather Sr. a question:

Would you please send a message to our youth of today that do not listen to their parents,

don’t do their homework, don’t like to study, don’t take notes in class, and wear their pants hanging down?

Mayweather Sr. said, “Parents has to talk to their children about their pants hanging down, and I never wore my pants like that. I wouldn’t be a part of that needs to stop and our children need to pull up their pants, get to study and listening. Wearing pants hanging down is unsanitary.”

Mayweather Sr. commented about Marcos Maidana biting his Son. He said, “How do you

Bite my son, and he didn’t deserve it. He says my son told me that I just had got bitten Dad.

He has no reason to lie to me that’s my son.”

Finally, Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. said.”18 years in the sports and if you fight dirty

you can buy more time in the fight. He says what is a realist, I am 47 and 0. And, I don’t know whom I am going to be fighting next in September, 2015. I don’t think “Show Time” and

“CBS ” is rushing me.”

Floyd said,” He is his own Boss and calls his on shots.” And on that Money Mayweather’s Bluest gritty, meat and potatoes note. Just like Nat King Cole would say it I see you all next.

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