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Blues for Willadean at the Camelot Theater

Blues for Willadean at the Camelot Theater
Camelot Manager, Jason Bruecks ~ photo by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

The premier movie, Blues for Willadean, was shown at the Camelot Theater on Friday October 12 with a Q&A after the movie with the cast and director Del Shores.

Del Shores brought another funny and emotional story to the screen. This movie brought Domestic Abuse to light with humor and raw emotion. The acting was Oscar quality and the singing by Debbie Holiday made her part in the movie sensational.

There were parts in the movie where movie goers laughed so hard out loud and other parts where the audience was completely silent when the violent scenes were shown. Imagine you are in your seat watching a play but then you realize its on the screen but you feel you are in someones trailer watching their life unfold. A scared housewife, a true friend, a lady of the night and an abusive husband bring your emotions to the forefront. They hope this movie will empower battered women to get away from the abusive situation.

There were few questions at the Q&A. Mostly the people told of abuses in their families that they witnessed and how this film was sometimes hard to watch as it brought back memories. Others thanked Del Shores and the cast for having the courage to make a movie like this. Some stories that were told brought tears to the Cast and the audience. This is another Del Shores film that will be shown here for a long time as the word gets out around the Valley.

There was an afterparty for all attendees to the film at The Encore in Palm Springs. Other celebrities were in the audience like Bonnie Bedelia who was in Sordid Lives and Actress Bobbie Eakes whose real husband David Steen played the abusive husband in this film.

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