The BrosQuitos Burning Up The Desert 


By Carolyn W.Gaines

Desert Hot Springs young alternative-rock group called; ‘The BrosQuitos’ visited the Desert Star Weekly Newspaper at their new location on Palm Drive. We wanted to interview the band to deliver a good message for the youth of today. They are on the move, and they are followed on the social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and becoming quickly known international, while touring and recording cd’s for major record labels.

Let’s Chat with the BrosQuitos:
I asked the Lead Guitarist, Vocalist James a 12th grader a few questions:
How Long has your band ‘The BrosQuitos’ been together? He said,”One-Year and a Half.”
I asked James: How much time does your band share practicing weekly? He said,” The BrosQuitos practice three Days a week until we feel like each song is perfect.
Do all of your band members like to practice, James? Yes, even our neighbors like to listen to ‘The BrosQuitos’ Rehearsals.”

How did BrosQuitos Band come together? He said,”by performing at Desert Hot Springs High School Talent Show.’
The BrosQuitos won 1st place. The DHSHS students went crazy.”
How long have you been playing the guitar, James? He said, “Five-Years.”
Who is your guitar idol? He said,”George Harrison.”
Have you all been gigging? James said,” We try to have a show every week. The BosQuitos Band has performed at Pappy and Harriet’s and the Hard-Rock Café.” We seek all the gigs we can get”

I asked the Second lead guitarist named Hamilton a few Questions?
How long have you been playing the guitar? He said,” Two to Three Years.”
What made you began playing the guitar? He said,”Playing at the Church.”
Who is your guitar idol? He said,”George Harrison.”
Where did you learn how to read music? Hamilton said,” In the School Band.”

Few Questions to Max the Base Player.
How long have you been playing the Base? He said,” For 5 years, plus I have been in the School Band for seven years. I do know how to read music.”
Who is your Base player idol? He said,”Jaco Pastorious a legend.”

My Questions to Oscar the BrosQuitos Rhythm guitar player.
How long have you been playing the guitar? He said, “One to Two years and I learned really fast how to play the guitar.”
What do you like about the Band? He said,”I always like music, and the Band played at the Homecoming, and James contact me via Facebook to play in the BrosQuitos Band, I immediately said, “Yes!”

My last questions went to Hugo the Drummer; he is the time and beat keeper for the band.
How many years have you been playing the drums? He said,” Four years.”
Who is your Drummer idol? He said, “Benny Thompson, who is a world-class drummer.”
Do you like to practice? Hugo said,”Yes, It’s like a mini-concert? He smiles.”
Have you all gone into the studio, yet? His answer, “Yes, and we recorded our first CD in an hour to save money on studio time.”
What are the names of your Hit Songs? Hugo said,” Limelight, Leaving Me at Night, Break Time, Let’s Go See, and we have a new Single out called, “See Right Through.”
Can you tell all the teenagers what kind of music the BrosQuitos play? He said,”It’s called Modern Alternative, Indie, Rock.”

I asked, The BrosQuitos Band’s Classmate Clarissa a 12th grader at Desert Hot Springs High School.

Have you ever seen The BroQuitos Band Perform?
She said, “I have seen them perform live for the first time. They were outstanding. I thought it was amazing to see them because those are people. I go to school with and to see them reach this far. It’s incredible.”

What do you think of The BrosQuitos Band for the future?
She said, ”I believe they will get far. I mean everyone at school supports and is helping them out in any way possible.
I think they have a great shot on becoming successful in the long run. I’m glad to see them achieve their dreams.”

Finally, what message can you all send to the teenagers around the World, in the United States, Desert Hot Springs, and Europe?
The BrosQuitos said,” If you are not willing to practice, this is not or might not be the thing for you, and you are not committed to your craft. Our Desert Hot Springs Middle School Band Teacher Mr.Garry Cobles taught all of us perfect practice makes perfect.”

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