Home Entertainment Camelot Theatre: Palm Springs 12th annual Film Noir

Camelot Theatre: Palm Springs 12th annual Film Noir

Camelot Theatre: Palm Springs 12th annual Film Noir
Story and photos by Pat Krause

The 12th annual Film Noir was held at the Camelot Theatre in Palm Springs on May 10-13. This Palm Springs Cultural Center Presentation brings the best in Black and White Thrillers to the Valley. The event was started by Arthur and Barbara Lyons to bring this kind of cinema to all people, young and old.

The films of this era are deteriorating rapidly. Film buffs are restoring these old films to new formats before they disintegrate with age. Many of the old films have already been lost forever. It takes dedication to the preservation of the unique black and white films of that era. Some of these films are not available to the public. The only way they can be viewed is in a theater. Some of these shows are one of a kind.

Many Thanks go to Rik and Rozene Supple owners of the Camelot Theater where the movies are shown . Camelot general Manager Jason Bruecks and his staff worked very hard on this project. Alan K. Rode is the producer and host of the event. Other Film Noir notables included Marvin Paige and Eddie Muller.

Celebrity Guests who acted in the movie or were behind the scene held Q & As for fans. Celebrities included, Richard Erdman, Pat Crowley, David Ladd, Peter Ford, and Kathleen Hughs. How exciting it is to see some of these movie stars from yesteryear. Many are still working in the industry.

Some of the movies shown were opening night film, Cry Danger, The Big Heat, Roadhouse, Possessed, The Great Gatsby and Key Witness. Most of the films were shown to a sold out audience. Fans were eager to see the films and ask questions of the celebrities. The celebrities told very interesting stories about their career sometimes intertwined with other great actors.