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A Catholic Hospital in Iowa Offered Contraception for Decades. Then the Bishop Found Out.

By Amy Littlefield WATERLOO, Iowa - Ebonie Bailey was seven months pregnant when she and her family moved to Waterloo, Iowa, for her husband’s job...

Making an Environmental Impact


What to Consider When Planning a Cruise Everyone loves going on vacation, but planning your getaway is another story with questions like where and when...

E-pocalypse now: Airline, stock exchange hit by computer glitches

United Airlines was writing boarding passes by hand before stopping all flights for three hours. Then the New York Stock Exchange halted all trades,...

NSA’s ‘Google for Voice’ tech can transcribe any phone call -Snowden docs

Documents from the trove of Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor, shine a light on the US government’s use of sophisticated computer programs to...

Anti-Facebook social site Ello gets millions in funding, promises to stay ad-free forever

Ello, the new social-media site that exploded last month, has raised $5.5 million through investors and says a charter that was recently signed by...

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