City Of Desert Hot Springs Planning Commission Approves Aloha Solar Energy Project

44 - SunPower SER-235P on Enphase M215 Micro Inverters
44 - SunPower SER-235P on Enphase M215 Micro Inverters

Desert Hot Springs, California (January 12, 2012) – The Planning Commission for the City of Desert Hot Springs, California unanimously approved all land use entitlements for the Aloha Solar Energy project at the Commission’s meeting of January 10, 2012.

The Aloha Solar Energy Project will include two (2) projects that will generate a combined 2.94 MW of solar energy under the California Renewable Energy Small Tariff Program (CREST Program). The CREST Program was designed by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in concert with major investor owned utilities to allow for smaller power
producers to be competitive in the process of providing needed renewable energy within the State of California.

The project will cover approximately 14.4 acres and has a total project cost of about $10 Million. The project developer indicated that it will take a team of about 20 people six (6) months to construct the project and will add another couple of permanent jobs to maintain the facility.

In deliberating the project, Planning Commissioner Steve Sobotta stated, “…This project creates new local jobs, provides new revenue, is privately funded, no noise, no emissions, no impacts on schools, water or sewer facilities, and with changes we made tonight all impacts are mitigated. Bring us more of these.”

City of Desert Hot Springs Mayor Yvonne Parks goes further, “Our community set out four years ago to become a vibrant, diversified economic engine. We are actively seeking investments in renewable energy, industrial, retail and entertainment development. Our community welcomes Aloha Energy and their investment in the City of Desert Hot Springs.”

The City of Desert Hot Springs is nestled against the hills just north of Palm Springs, California. The community boasts over 27,000 residents who enjoy unmatched desert views, world class health spas and healthy breezes. It was named as the State of California’s Fastest Growing City in 2010 and has been recognized by the California Association for Local Economic Development for its Economic Development Strategic Plan and commitment to economic growth.

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