Coachella Valley Named Site of Debut Network Earthquake Warning Services


CV iHub Client Seismic Warning Systems to Roll Out Services in Valley

Palm Springs, CA  – Seismic Warning Systems, Inc. (SWS), a pioneering developer of earthquake warning technology, has selected the seismically active Coachella Valley as the first location to deploy its Network Earthquake Warning Services (NEWS). SWS is enhancing its presence in the desert with help from the Coachella Valley Innovation Hub (iHub), the business incubator operated by Coachella Valley Economic Partnership (CVEP) and funded by the cities of Cathedral City, Desert Hot Springs and Palm Springs.

Currently, SWS has proven its QuakeGuard technology – which detects the fast moving P waves that arrive in advance of more destructive types of shock waves – in 45 facilities throughout California. The Coachella Valley is home to 16 of these locations, making a valley-based earthquake-warning network feasible. Businesses, hotels, schools, government buildings and other facilities will be able to pay a subscription fee to connect to the network, a linked sensor system deployed across the region. Depending upon terrain and distance from the epicenter, an advance warning of 10 to 60 seconds is possible, enough to protect people and property, and even to save lives.

“The Coachella Valley is a proactive community that already has a core of early adopters and understands the importance of earthquake preparedness,” said Scott Nebenzahl, Seismic Warning Systems Vice President of Sales. “Launching the nation’s first regional earthquake warning system and rolling this technology out as a subscription service will extend the system’s benefits to a whole new demographic – the entire Coachella Valley small business community.”

Those benefits can be substantial, according to Nebenzahl. “Obviously there are enormous life and safety benefits. Employees can be protected from injury, they can respond and recover from a disaster much more effectively, and they can return to work more quickly,” he said. “Automated shutoffs and hazmat systems can protect operational assets and keep work in progress from being damaged. And organizations can make smarter business decisions with even a small amount of advance warning.”

The potential economic development impacts are most exciting to CVEP, which has selected SWS as an iHub client. In addition to subsidized office space and administrative support at the Rabobank Regional Business Center (RRBC), CVEP is offering up local expertise and helping SWS make the connections it needs to get traction in the valley.

“Seismic’s proven technology and business model dovetail perfectly with the unique needs of businesses here in the valley and the economic development goals of CVEP,” said Tom Flavin, President and CEO of CVEP. “Working with CVEP and the iHub, SWS has the potential to create an entirely new utility scale emergency services company. That means job creation, job stability, and economic impact locally, not to mention the possible benefits as this technology develops and is used worldwide. We’re thrilled to have them in the Coachella Valley.”

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About CVEP:

Coachella Valley Economic Partnership is an action-oriented, nonprofit corporation dedicated to expanding the economy of the Coachella Valley desert region while maintaining the quality of life for a resort environment. CVEP has devoted attention to strategies of business attraction, expansion and retention during the past decade. Today, CVEP also is focusing attention on planning and nurturing the growth of new industry clusters, which include Healthcare and Life Science, Clean Technology/Energy, Supply Chain Management/Logistics and Creative Arts, Media & Design.

About Seismic Warning Systems, Inc.

Seismic Warning Systems has been providing systems and services for early seismic detection and automated system response to commercial, industrial and government customers for ten years. During this time many potentially dangerous quakes have been detected and acted upon, saving lives and protecting against injury, without a single false alarm. The company designs and manufactures the patented QuakeGuardTM family of seismic detection systems, which help avert human injury, mitigate damage to property and other assets, and contribute to business continuity. Seismic Warning Systems is headquartered in Scotts Valley, California. More information about the company, its products and services is available at

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