Condoms become mandatory in Los Angeles

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Sorry, shoppers. If you like your porn flick penises naked and insist that your adult films cancel any camera shots that capture condom-clad units, you are about to be in a whole mess of trouble.

Council members in Los Angeles say porn filmed in the city can only be permitted if the performers put on prophylactics.

The ruling, courtesy of a Tuesday decision from the LA City Council, comes after AIDS activists and safety advocates pressured the city into tightening regulations within the adult film industry. Performers in California are already required to be regularly tested for sexual diseases and produce paperwork before each shoot. Citing an outrageous lack of concern for the public’s health, however, opponents said that that wasn’t enough and have now made their voices heard among the City Council.

The decision was set to be one for the public to make, with a ballot measure scheduled to appear later this year on the same day as the California primary. Instead the City Council has nixed the notion of that question even going up for public debate and adopted the legislation from within.

The ordinance, the City of Los Angeles Safer Sex In The Adult Film Industry Act, will require pornography produced in Los Angeles to only boast scenes in which the male performers are protected with a condom. Inarguably the area is the largest North American producer of porn. With this decision, massive changes are expected to affect not just the production and audience of the films. Others are worried that the backlash could create a tremendous blow to the state’s economy. Furthermore, some still are concerned that the regulations will drive porn outside of sanctioned production houses and will increase an underbelly of unrestricted sex acts caught on film and made and bought on the black market.

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