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Michael Burke
Michael Burke

Yes, us here at BurkeMedia Productions have just launched our new Kickstater!  We want to do a documentary about the 50th incorporated year of our hometown, Desert Hot Springs!

You can go to the Kickstarter page and donate here.

We decided to launch this a bit earlier then originally planned, due to the fact Kickstarter accepted this project earlier then expected and we had a perfect opportunity to announce it at tonight’s city council meeting of Desert Hot Springs. Soon, we will have more material to share concerning this project, including a video and flyers.

We’re pretty sure this has a lot higher of a chance to go through then our previous Kickstarter, because we have way more time and are pretty well known in our community.  But, we do need your help to spread this around to make sure it happens!

Here is the information straight from the Kickstater page:

As the city of Desert Hot Springs has reached it’s 50th year of becoming incorporated, the local residents, the businesses and the leadership have never been more excited to embrace the culture, resources and people of this unique town.

From the recent ribbon cutting of the Health & Wellness Center and return of the Spa Tour, to the planning of the first ever Salsa Blast! Festival in October and 50th birthday party in October, with lots more new and continuing annual traditions, this year is going to be the most engaging yet, as the city continues it’s journey of growth and success.

As a resident growing up here, starting a business and a member of the planning commission, me and my team at BurkeMedia Productions are some of the most excited for the upcoming events and festivals, both old and new, to shape and form this city into one of the most iconic of the Coachella Valley, California and beyond.


We also would like to contribute our talents in anyway possible to not only make this the best year yet for the city, but capture it for the residents to relive it, and create a project that can continually market the strengths of the city, while teaching audiences about it’s history.


As we have already started gathering footage from events this year with the Health & Wellness Center Ribbon Cutting and Spa Tour, we would like to produce a top-notch quality, professional documentary about the events taking place in this 50th year of Desert Hot Springs, while teaching the history of its discovery, water and rich culture.  We would like to rent some higher quality cameras for the bigger events, pay our crew for their talents and time filming, graphic designing, voice acting and editing, and hopefully create a product that can benefit, educate others about, and positively represent our great city.

We can accomplish this for approximately $7,000.

This Kickstarter provides us an avenue to virtually make this a gift for the city , without directly asking the city’s government, chamber or any other identity to have to dish out the cash to produce the project. Now, any individual, business or group who is both capable and already sees and believes in this project, voluntarily pitch in whatever they can.  Best part is:  If we don’t raise the funds, Kickstarter returns every penny back to each donor.

If we surpass the funds, we will spend even more time on the editing process and marketing this project for the world to see and learn about Desert Hot Springs.

The final product would be available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download, online and perhaps we can get some TV time, and maybe enter it in film festivals.  The more funds, the better as it allows more exposure and opportunity.  The possibilities are endless!

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