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Dog Day Out Has Begun!

Dog Day Out Has Begun!

Keep your eyes open for an adoptable dog on the town. This month Animal Samaritans is expanding its efforts to find homes for homeless dogs through its Doggy Day Out program.  Simply put, Doggy Day Out brings adoptable dogs into the community. Our volunteers walk an adoptable dog about town, showing him or her off to whoever takes an interest. We hope by bringing adoptable dogs into the community, we will increase their chances of meeting that special someone who will fall in love and adopt them.

 Every Doggy Day Out dog will be dressed in a noticeable “Adopt Me” vest. Likewise, every Doggy Day Out volunteer dog walker will be wearing his or her Animal Samaritans’ shirt.

 For more information about AnSams’ Doggy Day Out, call our volunteer coordinator at 760-396-7313.