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Engelbert Humperdinck at the McCallum Theatre

Engelbert Humperdinck at the McCallum Theatre
Engelbert Humperdinck ~photo by Pat Krause
Story and Photos by Pat Krause

The McCallum Theatre brought Engelbert Humperdinck to its stage on April 13th to a sold out crowd. Engelbert has been singing for over 40 years and has a large fan base. His fans continue to grow as young people all over the world are discovering his brand of music. He started with dance music and has recorded many kinds of music during his career including the ballads that have made him famous.

Everyone knows the words to Release Me as it was one of his top hits on the billboard charts. Engelbert started the craze for sideburns and longer hair. He even became a blonde for a short time. He was considered a heart throb entertainer in the 70’s and 80’s. Other famous songs included After the Lovin, Quando Quando, The Last Waltz and Spanish Eyes.

He mentioned he was here last year at the McCallum and loves this little theatre. He sang many of his older favorites and hit songs. He told the audience they would also be hearing some new songs they might not have heard before. His striking good looks, his dark eyes with the side burns still there and the longer hair have not diminished over the years. It is said that Elvis may have copied his style.

Arnold George Dorsey is his real name but his manager suggested the name of Engelbert Humperdinck after a Austrian Composer and the name stuck. It is a name one is not likely to forget especially after hearing him sing. He has been honored with four Grammys, Golden Globe Award, and a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame. He has sold over 150 million records, 63 were gold and 24 went platinum. An amazing accomplishment during his career. His new single, Love Will Set You Free is #1 on Amazon.com charts. He and Elvis remained friends for many years.

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