FBI: Sikh temple shooter killed self

Wade Michael Page killed self
Wade Michael Page killed self

The FBI reports that the suspected shooter in the Sikh temple shooting outside of Milwaukee died due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Authorities believe Wade Michael Page killed himself after being shot by police.

Preliminary reports filed after the Sunday morning shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin suggested that Mr. Page was killed by responding police officers in the midst of a standoff after he opened fire at a Sikh temple and killed six others. On Wednesday, however, FBI agents revealed during a press conference that they believe Page fired the bullet that took his life.

Teresa Carlson, FBI special agent in charge in Milwaukee, adds that the Federal Bureau of Investigation have yet to find a specific cause that could explain why Page, a 40-year-old military vet, went on a rampage over the weekend.

“We have not identified anyone else responsible for the shooting and we have not identified a motive,” Carlson tells the press.

On Tuesday, Page’s ex-girlfriend was arrested for illegal possession of a weapon after authorities questioned her about her relationship with the suspected shooter at her home. They do not believe she had a role in the massacre.