Have a heart! ‘Tender-hearted’ Kim Jong-un orders detectors shot – reports

Kim Jong-un (AFP Photo / KCNA)
Kim Jong-un (AFP Photo / KCNA)

The North Korean regime does not seem to be softening with its new, young leader Kim Jong-un succeeding his father Kim Jong-il, as reports say he is taking tough measures on potential defectors.

Following the death of the country’s longtime “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-il on December 17, power was handed to his son, who North Korean official media call a “meticulous and tender-hearted man.” The official agencies burst with excitement and piety when Kim Jong-un was reported to have sent hot sweet drinks to mourners paying their last respects to his late father despite harsh weather conditions.

But when it comes to more concrete actions, the young leader seems neither sweet nor tender-hearted – though he is surely meticulous. This week, sources reported Kim the younger gave an order to shoot defectors attempting to flee the country.

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