Home Entertainment Heartwarming  Musical Memoir On Stage At Annenberg Theatre

Heartwarming  Musical Memoir On Stage At Annenberg Theatre

Heartwarming  Musical Memoir On Stage At Annenberg Theatre

Jack Lyons Theatre & Film Critic

With a twist on the title of the 1943 Betty Smith novel, “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”, actor/singer/musician/comedian/entertainer Jake Ehrenreich brings his wonderful Broadway, one-man personal memoir, “A Jew Grows in Brooklyn”, to the stage of the Annenberg Theatre, in Palm Springs.

     Brooklyn-born Ehrehreich, lovingly explores and shares his immigrant family’s history in a moving and comedic musical tribute that spans a forty-year period.  As a child of Holocaust survivors, some of his childhood memories are bittersweet, but they are always spiced with comedy and a sense of hope.

     As an adult, his tales of performing in the Catskill Mountain resorts – a popular vacation-get-a-way location for Jewish families from New York City escaping the heat of summer – are hilariously recreated; based on true stories and his personal observations.  According to Ehrenreich, those Catskills experiences are a way of life long gone in 21st century America.  With a little prompting from the stage by Ehrenreich, audience members gave voice to their remembered experiences at those resorts.  Ehrenreich brings a winning and engaging personality and style to his show.

JAKE EHRENREICH Photo by Carol Rosegg

     “A Jew Grows in Brooklyn” is a highly entertaining and nostalgic evening in the musical theatre.  And, one more thing, one doesn’t have to be Jewish to enjoy or to appreciate this most personal of journey’s of one man’s love of family and respect of life but, as the old Jewish joke goes, “… but it couldn’t hurt”.  The appealing and audience-friendly show runs through March 25th.  Call the Box Office at 760-325-4490 for reservations and ticket information.

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