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It’s “Déjà Vu All Over Again” At Z107.7!


Morongo Basin residents may think they have stepped into the Wayback Machine when they turn on their radios Monday Morning, November 5th.

Radio personality Pat Michaels will be back in the airchair co-hosting the Z107.7 Morning Show with Gary Daigneault after a five year hiatus to Arizona. Les Taylor, who retired with honors in 2001 and agreed to come back “For 90 days”, will be climbing back into his well-deserved rocking chair.

Taylor and Daigneault were the original hosts of the Morning show when Z107.7 signed on to the air in July of 1989, prior to that they worked at the then KDHI/KQYN radio stations in Twentynine Palms as a team since 1987. In February of 2001 Taylor retired and Michaels, who had worked in various positions at Z107.7 since 1990, moved into the Morning show position.

After a very successful six years with Z107.7, in 2007, Michaels followed his heart to the great State of Arizona where he became the Program Director and Morning Show host for KAFF Radio in Flagstaff. At that time Daigneault asked Taylor if he would fill in “for 90 days” until a replacement for Michaels could be found. After the 90 days was up Taylor was asked to stay on a “little longer”, that was five years ago!

With industry upheaval changing the radio market in Flagstaff, Michaels was offered a position in Palm Springs but his heart wanted to go home to the Morongo Basin and an agreement was reached for his return to Z107.7 where he still retains a significant fan base.

“The Z107.7 Morning Show with Gary Daigneault and Pat Michaels, Part Deaux”, starts the morning of November 5, 2012 with Michaels handling the control board and offering his unique down-home sense of humor and Daigneault handling the News and features.

Z107.7 General Manager Cindy Daigneault is delighted with Michael’s return saying, “We have always felt like one big family at Z107.7, Pat’s return is just like one of the kids moving back home.” She also expressed her appreciation for Les Taylor’s dedication over the years, “I don’t know what we would have done without Les, and we never imagined when we asked him to come out of retirement for a short time it would be for five years!”

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