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Jackie Evancho at Fantasy Springs Casino

Jackie Evancho at Fantasy Springs Casino
Story and Photos by Pat Krause

Beautiful,talented Jackie Evancho graced the stage at Fantasy Springs Event Center on Sat. January 28th. This fantastic 11 year old girl has the voice of an angel. When she sings it makes you think that it is someone so much older. She sang the first songs from Operas. Not knowing the language didn’t deter from the way we listened as she put so much feeling into each note.

Ted Hermans Orchestra started the night with a couple songs to get the crowd in the mood for this kind of music. Jackie Evancho came out in a cute pink long gown with flowers on the skirt. She sang several songs and then surpised the audience by bringing out her older brother, Jacob, to sing a duet with her. Another good singer in the family and she said he is the best big brother in the world.

She introduced another young tenor to the audience. He sang several songs before a 20 minute intermission. He sang a duet with Josh Grobin at a Josh Grobin concert and he was so happy to be asked to be here  with Jackie. It was his first time singing with a large orchestra. He sang You Raise Me Up. Later in the program, Jackie started singing The Prayer and he came out from the side to accompany her. It was so beautiful that the audience gave them a standing ovation.

Jackie Evancho came back out in a cute blue gown that matched her eyes. She is so mature in her singing and yet has that innocence of a young girl as she giggled and waved to the audience. When she sang The Lords Prayer I got goosebumps to hear someone so young sing with such emotion. Some the songs she sang were “Let it Be”, “All I Ask of You”,  “To Dream the Impossible Dream, “Arms of a Stranger” and “A Time for Us”

When she ended the concert the audience refused to let her leave without an encore. She told the audience that they gave her the inspiration to continue doing what she love so much. She is such an role model for all young singers. Jackie was a finalist on Americans Got Talent TV show.

She met 5 children,their parents and grandparents of Ukrainian decent at a meet and greet. They wrote and asked if they could meet with her as she also has Ukrainian ancestors.

All Photos by Pat Krause ~Copyright 2012