Home Entertainment Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner were honored with the 345th Star

Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner were honored with the 345th Star

Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner were honored with the 345th Star
Crowd ~Photo Pat Krause
Story and Photos by Pat Krause

Comedienne Lily Tomlin and her Partner Jane Wagner were honored with the 345th Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars on March 16th. The Star is located in front of the shops in The Corridor at 515 North Palm Canyon Drive.

This much anticipated star brought out over 700 fans to see Lily Tomlin and her friend get this long overdo Star. Chairs were set up on the lawn area behind the shops to accommodate all the friends of the Stars. This was probably the only area capable of handling so many people for the dedication ceremony.

The couple were a little late due to traffic so Mayor Steve Pougnet and Senator Barbara Boxer took over as Emcees. They joked with the crowd but Mayor Pougnet refused to sing as he said he has no singing voice. Surprise celebrity guests included Lucy Arnaz and Carol Channing. They played the song Hello Dolly when Carol arrived. She thrilled the audience when she stood and started to sing along. What a real entertainer she still is. She got a standing ovation.

Lily and Jane arrived to the thunderous applause by the fans. Guest speakers included Mayor Pougnet, Senator Barbara Boxer, Dan McGrath and Michael Childers. All are friends of the couple for many years, They were given Proclamations, a Replica Star, Flowers and Star Pins to wear on their lapels. Lily and Jane took to the microphone to thank the crowd for coming. They made a special thank you to Carol Channing and insisted she come inside the shaded area. Carol also spoke about this amazing couple.

Lily and Jane bantered back and forth, cracking one joke after another. They worked off each other like a couple that have been together for years. They actually have been together for over 40 years and have worked together on numerous projects.

The actual Star Dedication took place on the sidewalk in front of the stores. There was limited space for everyone so only a few got to watch the Star being unveiled. Photographers and TV recorded this special event for all to see. A private party was held after the event.


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