“Lucy’s Law” Will Protect Pets: Groomers Must Be Licensed


There’s good news for pet owners and all who care about reducing animal cruelty; California State Senator Juan Vargas is introducing a new bill to protect animals: The Pet Groomer’s Bill, or SB 969.

While most groomers are professional, experienced and diligent in their work, some take up the occupation without proper training in animal grooming and handling.  Animal Samaritans recently treated a dog who had her nipples cut off in a grooming incident. Our veterinarians have seen too many dogs and cats with burns resulting from a groomer’s dryer, and lacerations from clipping and shaving. We even saw a dog that suffered broken legs after jumping in fear from a groomer’s table. How can you groom animals if you can’t properly restrain them?

The proposed  Pet Groomer’s Bill SB 969 would require training and licensing for groomers, which would confirm the groomer’s professional qualifications. The bill, as I understand it, is likely to be regulated by the same professional licensing board that qualifies registered veterinary technicians and veterinarians, The California State Veterinary Board.

While Animal Samaritans’ staff and board members work to end all animal abuse, including that inflected by negligence, support for this bill is my individual choice.

As Executive Director of Animal Samaritans, I personally support efforts to pass The Pet Groomer’s Bill SB 969 into law, and have written to California State Senator Juan Vargas voicing that support. You can support the Pet Groomer’s Bill SB 969 too by faxing State Senator Vargas in Sacramento at (916) 327-3522, or writing a letter to Senator Vargas, Senate District 40, State Capital Room 3092, Sacramento, CA 95814.

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