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Meet Leslie

Meet Leslie

Why have I been named after a human? Well, the nice lady from Animal Samaritans who begged the adoption counselor to take me in, even though there wasn’t room at the shelter at the time–her name was Jill, and she had a cousin, who was friends with a woman named Gail, who had a cat name Lola, which starts with an “L,” … er, wait. The woman who begged for me, her name was Leslie.  I get confused sometimes. There’s so many nice people here who care about the animals, and so many nice volunteers who cuddle and pet me. That’s Stanley sleeping next to me.  I’m going to pounce on him now and wake him up; he wants to play. He doesn’t know he wants to play, but I will show him that he does.

 I am small for 6 months of age because I was so skinny when they rescued me.  But I am healthy now and will make a great family addition!

 Visit Leslie and Stanley at AnSams’ animal shelter Monday through Saturday, from 9am to 4:30pm.  72-307 Ramon Road in Thousand Palms. 760-343-3477 x2 AND, starting September 30, we will be open for adoptions on Sundays!

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