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‘Modernism’ in Palm Springs

‘Modernism’ in Palm Springs
Vintage Car ~Photo Pat Krause
Story and Photos by Pat Krause

Palm Springs celebrated its 12th annual Modernism Week from Feb. 17th thru the 26th. Those 10 days showcased architecture, art decor and Heritage of the 1940’s thru the 1960’s heydays. Well preserved homes and businesses held tours of the significantly¬† architecturally style that were built by renown designers of the period.

The opening preview night was held at the Palm Springs Convention Center on Feb. 17th. Vendors selling vintage furniture, decor, art, clothing and jewelry sold many items to customers attending. A band played while customers shopped and just looked at all the fabulous items from long ago. Local Businesses set up areas to show where they are located and what they do in Palm Springs. The center was open on Sat. and Sun. too.

Men and women wore vintage clothing as they walked around the show room. They were stopped and asked about their clothing. Food was served at many stations in the room included Sandwiches, pasta and fruit and cheese tables. A bar was set up at the back of the room.

There was a walking tour of business buildings like Oasis Tower, The Bank of America, The Lane Building. Visitor Center to name a few. Buses took guests on tours to homes like the prefabricated green home and the 1949 house plus others.

Lectures on art, decor and textiles, discussions on modernism, Slide shows and Films were all part of the week. A vintage Car show and vintage Airstream and trailers tours were a bit hit.

An event such as this has to have parties too. The Ace Hotel and Swim Club hosted a mid-century Mermaid party. The new Saguaro Hotel was the site of a Shake Your Groove Thang party with food and Boogie Woogie music. Women in retro clothing were dancing to My Girl and other famous songs from that era.Music provided by the Gand Band.

All photos by Pat Krause Copyright 2012