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Police Chief Response to Lavell Communications Inc. Survey

Police Chief Response to Lavell Communications Inc. Survey
Patrick Williams, DHSPD Chief of Police

I hold our police officers in the highest regard for the sacrifices they make day in and day out in the service of our community.

As a strong advocate for our police officers I encourage any individual police officer, or any
 authorized member of the DHS POA, to engage with me in an open, honest and a healthy
 fact-based dialogue to promote a successful workplace. I have a history of soliciting the 
input of our employees to improve Departmental operations and I will continue to seek their guidance.

A press release provided by Jeffrey Monical of Lavell Communications Inc., a paid public
 safety union consultant, represents the influence of politics that has seeped into our
 Department and promoted by some union members who are using big city labor tactics to 
harm our organization. Our Department will not be deterred, we have important work to do
 and our time and energy will be focused on delivering quality service to our residents.
Over the past four years we have increased wages and benefits, added staff, improved and
 modernized equipment and successfully integrated community policing to better the quality of life in Desert Hot Springs.

Our residents overwhelmingly have supported the Department with the successful passage 
of  Measure A in 2009 and Measure G in 2010. The men and women of this organization 
honor that commitment by providing exceptional police service to our community.

Organizational change itself is difficult in many settings for employees and it is
 understandable that reactions to change are varied. The Department, like our community,
 has seen many positive changes over the past few years and more are to come.