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Pound Dogs Bound for Michigan

Pound Dogs Bound for Michigan
Now safe, Laku and Taylor are bound for Michigan.

Ah, the miracle of social media.  Not only can Face book inform hundreds of loosely connected acquaintances that someone’s having a bad hair day, the barista at Starbucks was rude, or someone you’ve never actually met just “liked” a flippin’ trinket :=P Soooooo amazing 😉 😉 OMG!!!!!, but it can actually be useful.  For instance, it can help save animals from a terrible fate.

Richland Animal Rescue in Michigan saw Laku and Taylor, two German Shepherds being held at Riverside County Animal Shelter (aka the pound), on a local Face book page. Because Riverside County Animal Shelter and Animal Samaritans work together to find homes for more than 100 dogs and cats at the pound each month, the rescue group in Michigan contacted Animal Samaritans.  Michelle Bergeron, AnSams’ Adoption Alliance Coordinator, researched the group to ensure they were credible and within a week she had coordinated the rescue plan for Laku and Taylor.

Currently, the dogs are in foster care with Lisa Dean, a local animal rescuer.  Soon, volunteers from Richland Animal Rescue will transport Laku and Taylor cross-country by car to Michigan.  The organization raised over $700 to pay for the dogs’ spaying and for the expense of their 2,170 mile ride to freedom.

Kristin Whitworth is the animal rescue coordinator from Richland Animal Rescue in charge of Laku and Taylor’s road trip. According to Whitworth, German shepherds are a scarcity in her area and potential adopters are eagerly awaiting the dogs’ arrival in Michigan.

Every day, Animal Samaritans works to keep adoptable dogs and cats from becoming another sad statistic of America’s pet overpopulation problem. To save lives, AnSams’ Adoption Alliance program requires pet foster parents to temporarily house animals while they  await a safe haven to open up for them. It also needs financial contributions from caring community members. What’s more, Animal Samaritans needs more volunteers to transport rescue animals to fellow no-kill shelters and rescue groups.


If you would like to find out more about helping Animal Samaritans rescue animals, please contact Leslie at 760-396-7313.  That would be… OMG! That would be soooo amazing!!!!  😉 😉

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