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Ride ’em Cowboy! The West in Popular Culture

Ride ’em Cowboy! The West in Popular Culture

Return with us to those fabled days of yesteryear, when cowboys were heroes, gunslingers lurked around every corner, six-shooters were worn in gun belts slung low on the hip, and a Stetson hat and trustworthy horse were the most valuable possessions you could own.

Today America’s colorful wild west history continues to resonate in our popular culture.  From the dime novels of the 1800s to radio, movies and television, the ideal solitary and righteous hero was characterized in the stories of the American West, saving communities from the evils of an untamed wilderness.  “Ride ’em Cowboy!” will present information on the romanticizing of the West since the Louisiana Purchase and its influence on American popular culture including movies and television shows, some filmed locally in Pioneertown.

On Display September 22, 2012 through January 19, 2013

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