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San Bernadino is fighting theWest Nile Virus

San Bernadino is fighting theWest Nile Virus

In response to recent exposures of the West Nile Virus, The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department has launched a program in coordination with the County’s Public Health- Vector Contro.  This will help identify areas likely to breed mosquitoes.

In their day to day duties, Sheriff’s Aviation flight crews will be actively looking for areas of standing water and swimming pools that are obviously not being maintained.  Both are the primary breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Aviation helicopters have updated mapping systems that are downloaded with the County’s parcel information.  If an area is observed, the flight officer can obtain the specific address information.  Once identified, the information will be forwarded to Vector Control fo any enforcement action.

Over the summer months, The Aviation Unit has noticed an increased number of pools that are not being maintained.  This could be attributed to the increased number of residential foreclosures.  The Sheriff’s Department hopes the information given to Vector Control will assist them in issuing corrective notices in a timely manner.

ROD HOOPS, Sheriff-Coroner
San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department
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