The “Blessing of the Animals” in La Quinta

Deborah Holiday with Barbara & Bill Daniel waiting with their pets ~photo by Pat Krause
Story and Photos by Pat Krause

On Saturday October 6th pet owners brought their animals to either St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church Palm Desert or St. Frances Catholic Church in La Quinta. This day is set aside to bless all animals.

Pet owners brought all their loved animals for this special blessing. Some brought old and sick animals to receive this blessing for the pets they have had so long and know the end is near for that beloved animal. Many brought more that one pet as some have several pets in the home.

It took three Reverends to bless all the animals that were brought to St. Margarets Episcopal Church. Reverend Lane Hensley and Reverend Troy Mendez from St. Margaret’s and Reverend Carl R. Witt Jr from Hope Lutheran Church also in Palm Desert presided over the blessings. They first spoke about the blessings and blessed all. Then they gave individual blessing to each dog or cat. All pets were either on a lease or in a carrier. It was amazing to see that many animals so well behaved around other owners and pets.

The Reverends would sit down next to the animal or bend over to bless the pet. Small dogs were held to be blessed by the Reverends. Owners waited in line to have their pet blessed by their particular Reverend. Oct. 4th is St Francis of Assisi Day so they hold the Blessing of the Animals around that time. It has become a yearly tradition.

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