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The Cabazon 31st annual American Indian PowWow

The Cabazon 31st annual American Indian PowWow
Dancer ~ photo by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

The Cabazon 31st annual American Indian PowWow was held on November 23,24 and 25 at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino inside the Special Events Center. Thousands of people of all races attended to see the colorful dances performed by the many tribes from all over the US and Canada.

Prayers were said each day before the Grand Marches. Dancers carried the Eagle Staff, The Cabazon and American Flags while dancers of all ages filled the area. with colorful costumes. This annual gathering of the Tribes is a way for members to mingle with others tribal members. Dancers wear bells, handmade beadings, exquisite feather head dresses and adornments and costumes in many colors. Many even paint their faces to eccent their outfits.

Dances are performed by very young tiny tots, teens, men and women. Jingles dresses are worn and must be heavy with all the little bells attached to their gowns. This is very serious for them as monetary awards are giving for these dances. Drummers take turns drumming to each dance. They too are rewarded with prizes. Dancers just walking around the arena make sounds with the many bells attached to garments or ankles. It’s a special musical sound that fills the room.

Dancers take great pains to get just the right look for their dances. Each dancer has his or her own way of dancing, from twirling to make the feathers and streamers move wildly, Hunters on the prowl or the serene dances of the women. The Tiny Tot dancers look like some are only 3 or 4 years old and dance well in their costumes for their ages.

There was free admission to this PowWow that brought many non Indians to attend. Vendors were set up in the lobby selling flags,beads,feathers,pottery,clothing and jewelry. Outside were food vendors and a play area for children. These PowWow’s are a way for people to see the culture of the many tribes and understand the ways of the American Indian. Their Prayers to God and mother earth for all she has given them show an insite into their beliefs.

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