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Update: The DHS Health & Wellness Center

Update: The DHS Health & Wellness Center
The Boys & Girls Club main room

Desert Hot Springs, CA.- Rapidly approaching its completion, the DHS Health & Wellness Center is looking better each time we visit it.

The interest of our community is overwhelming, and inquiring minds are requesting Desert Local News and our new sister newspaper-publication DHSToday.com (coming in fall 2012 online and in print) to keep them informed about the progress of this historic project.

So we joined our DHS City councilman Adam Sanchez and a few friends and attended a Friday Health & Wellness tour led by city construction manager Rudy Acosta.

Mr. Acosta talked about the new changes to the gymnasium floor at a cost of $65,000. The original specified flooring was a plastic panel system. This system was upgraded to a wood (maple) floor system with sub-padding to conform to typical CIF flooring and minimize potential injury to users.

Additionally, a new scoreboard will be added for the Gym at a cost of $14,000. The original plans specified a single electric scoreboard for the gymnasium. CIF requirements are for two, one at each end of the court.

Good news, the Desert Healthcare District will be subleasing 8200 square feet to Borrego Community Health Foundation that will be operating and staffing the dental/medical clinic, cardio fitness center, lobby, and community rooms.

Some financial updates:
The City Council authorized the original contract amount to Doug Wall Construction at $8,017,000.00, plus a 15% construction contract contingency ($1,202,550.00) or total contract amount of $9,219,550.00.

Recent project funding approvals include a $2,162,000.00 State Park and Recreation Grant to build the swimming pool, and $5,200,000.00 in building support by the Desert Healthcare District for the construction and equipping of the Desert Hot Springs Community Health and Wellness Center.

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