Voice Your Support on June 18 for Pet Grooming Bill SB 969


The Pet Grooming Bill is legislation meant to ensure no more animals are injured or disfigured because a groomer lacking adequate training and experience was allowed to handle someone’s pet.

Animal lovers and members of the Coachella Valley Animal Commission (CVAC) are encouraged to call our state assembly members and voice your support for the Pet Grooming BIll on Monday, June 18.  Assembly members will vote on the bill on Tuesday, June 19.  When you call, voice your support for the Pet Grooming BIll, and document the name of the person you spoke to. Who to call:

Mary Hayashi, Assembly Chair 916.319.2018

 Bill Berryhill, Vice Chair, 916.319.2026

 Michael Allen, Assembly Assistant Minority Leader, 916.319.2007

 Betsy Butler, Assemblywoman, 916.319.2053

 Mike Eng, Assemblyman, 916.319.2049

 Curt Hagman, Assemblyman, 916.319.2060

 Jerry Hill, Assembly Democratic Caucus Chair, 916.319.2019

 Fiona Ma, Assemblywoman, 916.319.2012

 Cameron Smyth, Assemblyman, 916.319.2038

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