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Why does YOUR dog or cat make a great pet?

Why does YOUR dog or cat make a great pet?

My dog Scout is an incorrigible rascal. After years of good behavior, she insists on jumping onto the couch (and me) when I sit down. For the first four years of her life, the couch was off limits. However, recently my pet sitter had her sitting on the couch for three days straight; she said Scout acted like it was her bed, and she was jumping onto it when they sat down, so they figured it was okay.

Now when I sit on the couch Scout immediately jumps onto it–like it’s an old routine or something. I tell her “no,” snap my fingers and she hops down. Then, when I’m not looking (or she thinks I’m not looking) she sort of crawls her way back onto the couch. I look at her and she freezes. If I say nothing, she inches her way toward me. I look at her again and she freezes. Then, as if I didn’t realize she was on my lap, she inches her scruffy snout toward my face. I turn back to the T.V. and her tongue is licking my chin.  Needless to say, she has won me over.

She loves me no matter how many times I reject her. My ego could never handle that. She always wants my affection and approval; she is the world’s best friend.

Tell us why your dog or cat makes a great pet. Email pr@animalsamaritans.org and we’ll post some of your entries in future e-blasts.  Give your pet’s name, type (dog or cat), breed description, your initials, and the city you’re from.  For example:

From R.J. in La Quinta: Snickers, a long-haired tabby cat.
From C.S. in Palm Springs: Duke, a 4 year-old boxer mix.