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World’s Smartest Dogs

World’s Smartest Dogs
Border Collies are easily bored and thrive on mental stimulation.

How smart is your pet? While any “10 best list” is subjective by nature, the dogs on this list all possess tangible traits that, when compared with other dogs, suggests they are more intelligent than most.

Because intelligence does not necessarily equate to a dog’s ability to be trained, we should not mistake this list of “smart dogs” for the easiest dogs to train.

And the smartest dogs are…

10. Australian Cattle Dog: Originally bred to herd cattle in Australia (no surprise there), these resourceful and protective dogs require regular exercise and mental stimulation.

9. Rottweiler: Contrary to their intimidating reputation, rottweilers make excellent family pets. They are extremely courageous and loyal, making them ideal guard dogs.

8. Papillon: Some say they’re moody and aggressive, others say protective and affectionate. Either way, the papillon is one smart little pooch.

7. Labrador Retriever: Really? You mean my food-obsessed play-a-holic is not just a big sweet doofus? Nope! These water dogs are actually very smart–and lovable.

The sweet-natured golden retriever makes an idea therapy dog.

6. Shetland Sheepdog: Bred to herd sheep and cattle, a feat demanding keen concentration and intelligence, shelties are quite loyal and affectionate with their human pack, but can be slow to welcome strangers.

5. Doberman Pinscher: Known for being assertive and fearless guard dogs, many are docile and can make ideal therapy dogs in hospitals.

4. Golden Retriever: Also ranked among the 10 ten most affectionate dogs, goldies are America’s most popular dogs.

The sweet-natured golden retriever makes an idea therapy dog.
3. German Shepherd: Given their high IQs, these dogs thrive when given a purpose or job, and not surprisingly are a favorite with law enforcement.

2. Standard Poodle: This smarty-pants is also one of the most trainable. They are considered sensitive people-pleasers who hate to be left alone.

1. Border Collie: He’s so smart he gets bored without a job to do. You don’t want to leave a border collie home alone with nothing to do, or else he might make a demolition project of your house! They thrive on companionship, praise, and exercise.

Think your dog is the world’s smartest? Email us a picture and tell us what makes your pooch an Einstein of the canine community.