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7th Anniversary Desert Local News magazine issue

7th Anniversary Desert Local News magazine issue

Tall, slim and high-spirited, that is twenty-one-years-old, Mayra Gonzalez. She is from Zacatecas, Mexico, but has been living in Desert Hot Springs, California for the last eight years with her family. After graduating from the DHS High-School, she trained to be a Nurse’s-assistant but soon realized, that this was not for her.

She has a dream, and her passion is the camera and the model-runway, and to become a super-model. Long-legged and very tall for a Latino girl, she has all the attributes to make a career out of this.

An opportunity came quickly; her sister introduced her to the Organo Gold Coffee Company. Organo was looking for a model to introduce their products to the desert communities. Organo Coffee is new phenomenal rising niche organic product for a healthy cup of java without the side-effects of regular coffee, right now being distributed in 14 Countries And her first gig was to enter the “Diva of The Desert’ contest.

The ‘Diva Del Desierto’ kicked-off at Heritage Palms Country Club with rousing success, a dozen of very beautiful Latina’s was competing and showing off their stuff on stage in their colorful, sexy outfits. This was a family affair. The girl’s families supported their candidates with loud vocal support, and enthusiastic applause, almost deafening Madonna’s theme-music playing at full 100+ decimal as the girls danced and strutted around the stage.

Of course, Mayra’s family was the loudest, her three, also very attractive sisters, Consuelo, Yadira, and Fatima Gonzalez are her biggest fans; and all that under the watchful eyes of her father Aurelio Gonzalez, and mother Maria Gonzalez and not to forget her only brother Jorge Gonzalez and his lovely wife. The whole family is proud of Mayra, and she has their respect and full support.

You can follow the contest on Facebook and support their efforts. The Organo Coffee Company can be reached at 760-393-7716 or 760-288-6959.