Angry Desert Hot Springs Citizens showing support for DHSPD Officer Paul Tapia

Photo Credit: Micheal Burke,

A Christmas toy-give-away event turned ugly; in the eye of the storm is Rick Daniels (City Manager) and DHS Police officer Paul Tapai. (The President of the DHS Police Association).

The reason is still unclear, why the event could not be held at the Senior Center. But it caused a firestorm, and citizen went on the street to protest and airing their complains with very provocative signs.

Their full wrath of anger goes after the “The Gang of Five” City Manager Rick Daniels, City Attorney Ruben Duran, Finance Director Jason Simpson, Mayor Yvonne Parks and Councilman  Scott Matas.

Recall is now the word on the streets; folks are not happy with Yvonne Parks and Councilman Scott Matas, and they want to change their leaders in City-Hall. Rick Daniels, one of the highest paid City Managers in California, City Attorney Rubin Duran and Jason Simpson are also on the hit-list.

“I’m happy to see democracy in action.” a quote by Mayor Yvonne Parks, reported by the Desert Star Weekly.

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