Some fun at the Feb. 7th City Council meeting in Desert Hot Springs

Council Queen Scheherazade Jordana Totman and her court Princess Dunyazade Alysha Woodson and Princess Jasmine Francesca Parker ~Photo Bruce Montgomery

Report and Photos by Bruce Montgomery

Queen Scheherazade (Jordana Totman) and her court attended council meetings as good will ambassadors from the upcoming Riverside County Fair and Date Festival which will run February 17-26, 2012.

Rayce Jonsrud was presented a recognition certificate by Mayor Parks for his leadership role in the best ever Desert Hot Springs Spa Tour.

Numerous citizens expressed appreciation to Chief Williams for his work making our city a safer place in which to live and work. He obviously has the support of the vast majority of our community.

Michael Scott, an and coming hometown baseball player (started out in T-ball here in town) has been selected out of thousands of players to make the Baseball Factory team competing in the Omaha National World Series. He is seeking sponsors, and may be reached at (760) 673-8989. His goal is to play baseball in college, and maybe someday after college graduation to play professionally.

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