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Big Party Mastro’s Steakhouse

Big Party Mastro’s Steakhouse
Greeters, Bryana Pitt, Chelana Ysiano, Heather Lawson
Story and photos by Pat Krause

Mastro’s Steakhouse held a RSVP party on November 1st the night before their grand opening. Over 800 hundred guests sent an RSVP for this special event. One gentleman came to the party early in the afternoon so he could be their 1st customer this year. He has been to many of these openings at their other restaurants.

All the guests walked a red carpet to enter the private party. Girls handed each guest a glass of wine or a cosmopolitan drink. Guests were greeted by staff of the restaurant. One look at the interior and you knew you were in for something spectacular. Seafood bar held shrimp,lobster and crab legs plus various sauces. Other food bars held many different foods and one room held a delectable amount of desserts. Drinks and appetizers were in abundant supply. The wall behind the bar is filled with many types of wines and TVs are all around the room for watching.

The Grand Opening of Mastro’s Steakhouse was held on Friday November 2nd for customers looking forward to this newest 10th addition to renowned restaurant chain. Maestro’s is open from 3 to midnight serving upscale meats, seafoods steaks, fine wines and popular drinks plus delicious desserts 7 days a week. The restaurant can host around 200 people. There are many rooms that can also be used for private parties. Reservations can be made by calling 760-776-6777.

All photos are by Pat Krause Copyright 2012

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