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Halloween Party at the Houston’s, in Memory of Jackie-Lee

Halloween Party at the Houston’s, in Memory of Jackie-Lee
Bill Housk, Jim Houston and Ethan Kaminsky
Story and photos by Pat Krause

Jim Houston honored his wife’s wishes when he decided to hold the Halloween Party she had planned before her death. The invitation only party was a tradition for the Houston’s and a fun party for all those attending. Everything was perfection just like when Jackie Lee Houston was there to oversee the party. Nothing was overlooked as Halloween decorations were all over the grounds, in the trees and on the street as guests entered. Jim Houston commented on the fact there was a full moon on Halloween, Jackie Lees favorite moon, and she was there watching the festivities.

Guests walked thru a cornfield greeted by Jim Houston and Scarecrow dressed girls to the lovely party area. A band played all night and dancing was done by animated characters and guests. A bar was centered with flashing lighted glasses filled with drinks for all. Decorated tables were added all thru the grounds. Food was served at several stations with a different variety to be sampled at each one. Of course the popcorn table was in front as you entered, a Jackie Lee signature food, with many different kinds of popcorn.

Guests mingled admiring the diversity of costumes. Each person spent a lot of time deciding what to wear and who to look like. Costumes ranged from dynamic kings and queens to the walking dead. Witches and warlocks were everywhere. Many nations were complimented by the costumes of that country. Some were elaborately dressed with wigs, fancy gowns and mens attire. Painted faces made it difficult to know who you were talking to. Celebrities attended such as comedienne Lily Tomlin and Senator Barbara Boxer to name a few. This is one fun party everyone looks forward to each year.

All photos are by Pat Krause Copyright 2012

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