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Bo Knows Animal Samaritans

Bo Knows Animal Samaritans

20121220_105910_zpsa5bfcb3a-1_zps07063680Make that Bo and his sister Buttons. The four-year old felines are recent additions to Animal Samaritans’ no-kill animal shelter.  Their former owner, Sally Ruskinski, worked for many years at The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens before passing away this month.  She was in her 80s.

Sally, a long-time animal lover, naturalist, and avid hiker, helped care for the Living Desert’s giraffes, zebras, and big cats.  In addition to Bo and Buttons, she left behind two short-haired Persian cats, a blue and golden macaw, a cockatiel, turtles and koi fish. All but Bo and Buttons have found homes.

We are glad we could take in Sally’s beautiful and affectionate Tonkinese felines. About Tonkinese cats: “The Tonkinese blends the best features of its ancestors into one beautiful, medium-sized cat that is remarkably dense and muscular. Whether appearing in the coat pattern of its Burmese predecessor…the  pointed pattern of its Siamese ancestor, with blue eyes, or the “mink” coat pattern…the Tonkinese is an intelligent, gregarious cat with a sense of humor.”

In other words, Bo and Buttons are both beautiful and smart.  We can tell you first hand that they purr very loudly, they love to have the bridges of their noses rubbed, and they love to have the their backs stroked–right up to the edge of the tails.

For now, they are a bit depressed, which is understandable considering they miss their long-time owner, Sally, and they have been thrust into an environment where nothing is familiar. Given their long history as siblings, and the comfort they take in each other after losing Sally, we will be adopting them out together, as a pair.

Please visit our Animal Shelter to meet Bo and Buttons, the “Tonks,” Monday through Sunday (except for holidays), between 9am and 4:30pm. Questions?  Call Rhona at 760-343-3477 x2