College of the Desert is coming to DHS?

College of the Desert, Trustee, Chuck Hayden

College of the Desert, Trustee, Chuck Hayden, along with Dr. Edwin Deas, VP of Administration Affairs and Dr. Jole Kinnermon, the President and CEO of the College, made a proposal to the City of Desert Hot Springs regarding a brand-new College of the Desert Education Center.

The college would like to partner with the City on this new Center that would be placed west of the City offices on Pierson. This site is only proposed at this time, the city council must vote to approve the location on city-owned property. The build in would house a small adman. Office and three sizable classrooms each huge enough for 5O students is proposed. College of the Desert Trustee Mr. Hayden wants one of the classrooms to be dedicated to technology.

The college proposes parking in front of the building and on the side. Mr. Hayden has been working to bring a permanent facility to our community for over six years. The reason he would like the idea of putting the building, there is its close to the high school and has good visibility for the rest of the community.

Preliminary sketch of the facility, showing the three classrooms