Home News DICK CHENEY and his daughter LIZ CHENEY opened Desert Town Hall 20th anniversary 2012

DICK CHENEY and his daughter LIZ CHENEY opened Desert Town Hall 20th anniversary 2012

DICK CHENEY and his daughter LIZ CHENEY opened Desert Town Hall 20th anniversary 2012
Dick and Liz Cheney on stage ~Photo Pat Krause
Story and Photos by Pat Krause

DESERT TOWN HALL celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012. The first in the speakers series was former vice-president DICK CHENEY and his daughter LIZ CHENEY. They held a conversation about today’s political landscape with LIZ CHENEY asking her father about the climate of politics now and questions about his health. The event was held on January 26th at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa. The ballroom was filled with close to 1700 people.

Mr. CHENEY has held so many high level offices during his career. White House Chief of Staff, Secretary of Defense, Congressman, CEO, Vice President and businessman. LIZ CHENEY is an attorney and Middle East policy specialist.

Cocktail hour  entertainment was provided by the Boys and Girls club band, HEATWAVE, a jazz and show band. President of the Board, Brian Harnik introduced DICK and LIZ CHENEY. Two chairs were set up on the stage with 2 huge video screens showing them to those in the back of the room. It was like a conversation with Liz asking questions and her father giving answers.

Mr. Cheney spoke about how we are in a terrible crisis, our massive debt and expanse of government, education, taxes and immigration are the main topics. He stated that our debt is driven by entitlement programs and no plan. He said he would not make an endorsement for the GOP candidate here. He just said it would have to be someone he felt could make life and death decisions that occur as they usually do.

Liz asked about his opinion on the withdrawal of troops in the Middle East. He replied he thought it was a big mistake. He acknowledged the accomplishments of our troops and said it takes years to make the kind of armed forces we have today. Violence has increased since we left Iraq and Afghanistan. President Obama pretends a victory there but it is just politcally driven. Cutting our defense budget is not the way to go.

LIZ asked him about his health. He had his first heart attack at 37 and has had stents, 5 heart attacks, a quadruple by pass and still keeps going.
His doctor said he never heard of anyone dying of hard work. He just had to make healthy choices in his lifestyle.

He ended the event with a prayer that is in his new book. The book was co-written with his daughter.  The next speakers in the series are David Brooks on Feb.12, Robert Gates on March 5 and Bob Ballard on April 5.

All Photos by Pat Krause Copyright 2012