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Mainscream: US media Iran hysteria

Mainscream: US media Iran hysteria

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Americans perceive Iran as Evil #1 on the planet, the latest Gallup poll shows. Since neither the US military nor intelligence believes Iran could strike America, why do the US media whip up hysteria about Iran, some 10,000 kilometers away?

According to a new Gallup World Affairs poll released Monday, 32 per cent of those surveyed rank Iran as America’s greatest enemy – compared to just 25 per cent a year ago.
Many more – 87 per cent – gave the Islamic Republic a negative rating, making the country the worst in the survey.

No wonder the impact of fierce anti-Iranian rhetoric is so huge. What should an average American think about an alien Muslim country on the other continent, being told on a daily basis that Persians dream to launch an attack on America?

“Iran could attack the United States in a much more fearsome way,” claims CNN. “We have to assume that Hezbollah would be the proxy for Iran and could well carry out the attack,” it specifies.

A hypothetical national security threat is growing more dangerous by the day, making American citizens believe that Iran’s next target could well be on American soil.

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