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Olivia Newton-John at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino

Olivia Newton-John at the Fantasy Springs  Resort Casino
Olivia Newton-John ~photo by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

Olivia Newton-John graced the Fantasy Springs  Resort Casino on Saturday, Sept 15th. This sold out concert brought Olivia Newton-John back to the Desert. She was here a few years ago at the McCallum Theater.

Locally known, She was a major star, Betsy Mae Harling,in the cult film, Sordid Lives, that plays yearly at the Camelot theatre. She is the most famous for her role of Sandy in the film Grease with John Travolta. She paired with Travolta in another film called Two of a Kind. She has sold millions of records during her career and still had a fantastic voice. She can reach the high notes with ease as she showed the audience during one of the songs.

Her performance consisted of many of her hit songs. The crowd got very enthusiastic when she asked them if they wanted to hear some of the songs from Grease. They all stood with arms waving in the air when she sang Physical.

She brought out 3 stools and had her guitarists on each side of her. Then her 3 vocalists came and stood behind while she sang. During one of the songs her male vocalist came on stage to sing a duet with her. They made beautiful music together and the audience agreed with a loud applause.

She also sang some of the little known favorites of hers from her earlier years as a songstress. Some of the songs that she sang during the concert were fan favorites, Take Me Home, Country Roads, Please Mr Please, Let Me Be There, Suddenly and Xanadu. A trip down memory lane for many people.

She is a Grammy award winning Singer, a Songwriter, Actress, Author and a breast cancer survivor so many of her more recent tunes are geared to her battle with Cancer. She has become an advocate for Cancer Prevention and Cure.

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