Palm Springs Opera Guild Brings Opera To Over 12,000 Students


Palm Springs, CA-May 24, 2012… Keeping true to their mission, the Palm Springs Opera Guild provides Opera Outreach music programs to young people residing in the desert. This year, the Opera Outreach will once again perform and educate students from kindergarten to high school seniors attending schools and academies throughout the Coachella Valley. One of the main goals of the Palm Springs Opera Guild is to enrich the lives of students by providing them access to opera which in turn will allow them to find their own musical passion.

 The 2012 outreach would not be possible without the generous support of the Palm Springs Unified School District (PSUSD) and the Augustine Foundation.

 This incredible series of in-school opera outreach is developed by Mr. Andrew Eisenmann, baritone/emcee/program coordinator and Vice President, Palm Springs Opera Guild.

 “The Palm Springs Opera Guild provides one of the most comprehensive cultural enrichment programs to our school district. Exposure to the art form of opera to our students at a very young age provides them with cultural literacy and enjoyment for many years to come. We are thrilled with the Guild’s continued generosity and efforts in their partnership with our district,” Louisa Castrodale, Visual and Performing Arts Specialist, PSUSD.

 “After a career of 40 years of publishing educational books and journals, I continue to believe that education is critical to solving most of society’s problems. I feel strongly that art and music should be an integral part of everyone’s curriculum. With the support for arts education diminishing in our public schools, it is paramount for organizations like the Palm Springs Opera Guild to bring opera education directly to over 12,000 school children in our Coachella Valley,” Terry Hendrix, President-Elect, Palm Springs Opera Guild.

 Press and the general public are invited to attend any performance, simply by emailing or contacting Andrew Eisenmann one day prior to the show(s) that you would like to attend. Then, check in with the school secretary on-site 20 minutes before the show begins to receive your visitor pass.

 This year’s program consists of three separate classroom levels.

 K-3 – OPERA POWER is a fun and fast paced 35-40 minute assembly geared toward our youngest audiences. Using colorful t-shirts with letters that spell ‘Opera Power’, students sing along to Bizet, learn vocabulary terms in Italian and have a great time while learning.

 4-7 – OPERASSEMBLIES! takes its’ name from the infamous school ‘Assembly Schedule’ reiterating vocabulary, voice types, languages and recitative along with audience participation! This program includes seven operatic selections and a semi-staged finale from an opera.

8-12 – High School Choral Program OPERATALK! Now in its 5th year, this 2.5 hour program will take us to our most advanced high school singing classrooms to demonstrate singing in an operatic style, listening to each individual young voice while having our professionals break down into groups with each singing section in the choir. This program is much more intense.

 We will also discuss college and scholarships available to young singers and give pedagogy and lessons to our young singers! This program has become a favorite of our troupe and our vocal music instructors in the PSUSD.


 5/29 – 9:35 & 10:30am – Raymond Cree Middle School – 2 shows

1011 Vista Chino, Palm Springs – 760-416-8283

Contact: Andrew Eisenmann – Choir Director

5/29 – 12:45 & 1:45 pm – Katherine Finchy Elementary School – 2 shows

777 Tachevah Drive, Palm Springs – 760-416-8190

Contact: Mark Arnold – Principal

5/30 – 9:00 & 10:00 am – Edward Wenzlaff Elementary School – 2 shows

11-625 West Drive, Desert Hot Springs – 760-251-7244

Contact: Lisa Arseo – Principal

5/30 – 12:05 & 1:00 pm – Desert Springs Middle School – 2 shows

66-755, Desert Hot Springs – 760-251-7200

Contact: Dr. Kiela Snider – Principal

5/31 – 9:10 am – Painted Hills Middle School – 2 shows

66-755, Desert Hot Springs – 760-251-7200

Contact: Dr. Kiela Snider – Principal

5/31 – 1:00 pm – Cathedral City High School – 1 show

69-250 Dinah Shore Drive, Cathedral City – 760-770-0100

Contact: May LeRoy – Choir Director

6/1 – 9:00 & 10:00 am – Sunny Sands Elementary School – 2 shows

69-310 McCallum Way, Cathedral City – 760-770-8635

Contact: Pam Horton – Principal

6/1 – 1:00 pm – Desert Hot Springs High School – 1 show

65-850 Pierson Blvd, Desert Hot Springs – 760-288-7000

Contact: Michael Bukraba – Choir Director


6/4 – 9:00 & 10:00 am – Rancho Mirage Elementary – 2 shows

42-985 Indian Trail, Rancho Mirage – 760-836-3680

Contact: Marsha Boring – Principal

6/4 – 1:30 & 2:30 am – Two Bunch Palms Elementary – 2 shows

14-250 West Drive, Desert Hot Springs – 760-836-3680

Contact: Arlan Anderson – Principal

6/5 – 8:30 & 9:30 am – Landau Elementary – 2 shows

30-310 Landau Blvd., Cathedral City – 760-770-8600

Contact: Blanca Luna – Principal

6/5 – Time TBD – Agua Caliente Elementary

30-800 San Luis Rey, Cathedral City – 760-416-8235

Contact: Dr. Lucy Medina – Principal

6/6 – 9:00 & 10:00 am – Vista del Monte Elementary – 2 shows

2744 North Via Miraleste, Palm Springs – 760-416-8176

Contact: Joe Scudder – Principal

6/6 – 1:00 & 2:00 pm – Della Lindley Elementary – 2 shows

31-495 Robert Road, Thousand Palms – 760-343-7570

Contact: Dr. Simone Kovats – Principal

6/7 – 1:20 & 2:15 pm – Cathedral City Elementary School – 2 shows

69-300 Converse Road, Cathedral City – 760-770-8583

Contact: Jessica Arduini – Principal

6/8 – 9:15 & 10:15 am – Cahuilla Elementary School – 2 shows

833 E. Mesquite, Palm Springs – 760-416-8161

Contact: Denise Ellis – Principal


Palm Springs Opera Guild Public Relations: Jeff Hocker, 760-320-5272

  1. Palm Springs Opera Guild Educational Outreach Director: Andrew Eisenmann, 760-408-4810
  2. Palm Springs Unified School District Public Relations: Joan Boiko, 760-416-6010
  3. Palm Springs Unified School District Performing Arts Specialist: Louisa Castrodale, 760-219-7851

For more information on how to become a member and support the Palm Springs Opera Guild Outreach Program, call 760-325-6107 or, visit

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