Taser facing lawsuit for illegally offering guns

Taser guns. (AFP Photo / Karen Bleier)
Taser guns. (AFP Photo / Karen Bleier)

The makers of the less-lethal Taser stun guns are being brought to court in California for allegedly allowing their products to be purchased by consumers who don’t possess the necessary concealed know-how or permits.

Chiko Katiki, a 23-year-old college student, is the lead plaintiff in a class claim introduced this week in Sonoma County Superior Court. Katiki’s attorneys are going after weapon makers Taser International for selling its product online to individuals who have failed to obtain a concealed weapons permit and complete a hand-gun safety class — both mandatory in California for any civilians that want to carry a firearm, a category in which the state groups the Taser.

Although Taser International has adamantly maintained that their products are safe when used correctly, independent studies have linked the devices to playing a role in the deaths of hundreds of Americans. Amnesty International has tied the Taser to contributing to the deaths of 500 Americans between 2001 and 2012.

“Of the hundreds who have died following police use of Tasers in the USA, dozens and possibly scores of deaths can be traced to unnecessary force being used,” Susan Lee of Amnesty International explained in the report.

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