The 347th Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars for Lindsay Wagner

Story and photos by Pat Krause

Lindsay Wagner best known for her role in the Bionic Woman series on TV received the 347th Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. The star was not yet placed in the sidewalk at the corridor. They will place in a few days. Hundreds of people attended this dedication ceremony on the lawn behind the Corridor.

There was a Star Dedication after-party at The Central Park Hotel in Palm Springs. Many friends and guests were invited to this party. Entertainment was provided with a band and singers. Marines from 29 Palms Marine base were invited and escorted her into the Hotel.

Celebrities attending the After-party were Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman fame, Richard Anderson from Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man fame and Singer Trini Lopez. Star Recipient & owner of Cheeta The Chimp, Dan Westfall sang several songs along with Rebecca Clark and others. Lindsay Wagner posed for photos with the guests and signed a few autographs.

Lindsay is an Actress, Mother, Author, humanitarian, and prefers holistic medicine to more conventional treatments. She used her TV show to make people aware of the many problems that were unheard of by the studios back then. She brought Women’s issues to the forefront and was a pioneer in opening up dialogue on once banned issues.