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US mainstream media: Beating war drums?

US mainstream media: Beating war drums?

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America’s mainstream media is being accused of playing with fire and hyping-up global tension, while trying to steer public opinion to please their sponsors.

In a sensitive time with the military standoff in the Strait of Hormuz and looming sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program, the MSM is cynically playing-up the prospect of war, between Iran and the West.

RT’s Gayane Chichakyan reports from Washington that viewers in the States are repeatedly hearing how war is virtually inescapable.
With tension between Iran and the West as high as ever, a host of hardline speakers on US mainstream media seem to be pushing the audience to believe that war is inevitable.

There is constant warmongering all over the mass media in the US, although experts say war with Iran is far from being inevitable.
“I don’t think that we are there yet, that is to say, at the precipice,” Dr Charles Kupchan from the Council on Foreign Relations told to RT.

The media are already preparing the grounds for it – some by misinforming the public.

The New York Times wrote that the International Atomic Energy Agency said Iran’s nuclear program has a military objective.

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