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Vision Quest – Journey into the Mystery

Vision Quest – Journey into the Mystery

Awakened Wisdom Experiences announces its 3rd Vision Quest retreat at Joshua Tree, Mojave Desert, Southern California, USA

Joshua Tree, CA,  Patrick J. Ryan, an internationally renowned Vision Quest guide, executive coach, leadership trainer, and bestselling author, returns to the Joshua Tree Retreat Center on March 12-18, to guide Vision Questers on a very personal and unique journey where each person will be provided an opportunity to meet their deepest Self and achieve a greater sense of connection.

Ryan says, “2012 is a time where we are being called to step out of the busyness and come back to the journey, to meet our soul, the adventure, and to become quiet and to listen. It is that calling that beckons, even demands, that we respond, that we fully experience life and its meaning and purpose”. Ryan adds, “ For those who answer the call – this Event will take you into a very personal process. This journey is yours. We will give you the opportunity”.

For those looking for a more far-away adventure, Ryan’s Vision Quest Journey experience will be offered for the first time on the beautiful and magical land of the Lycian Way in Turkey in June 2012.

For more information or to register to attend the Joshua Tree or Turkey Vision Quest Retreat, visit www.AwakenedWisdom.com or contact Ginny Joyce at 415 413 0010.