Bin Laden ‘killed while unarmed’: SEAL book debunks official death story

AFP Photo/Dutton, a member of Penguin Group USA
AFP Photo/Dutton, a member of Penguin Group USA

A firsthand account of the assassination raid against the former Al-Qaeda head challenges the official US narrative, claiming bin Laden was shot as he peeked out of his bedroom, unarmed. He did not have a weapon or resist, as was announced.

The Associated Press obtained a copy of the book, titled ‘No Easy Day.’ In it, former Navy SEAL Mark Bissonnette, using the pseudonym Mark Owen and assumed names for the SEALs who participated in the mission, described the 2011 raid in Pakistan in detail

His position – right after the “point man” – gave him a chance to clearly hear the “suppressed gunfire” immediately after the lead SEAL had seen a “man peeking out of the door” on the right side of the hallway.

The author then described how bin Laden – the SEALs later made sure it was him – ducked back into his bedroom. The SEALs followed, only to find bin Laden crumpled on the floor in a pool of blood, with a hole visible on the right side of his head and two women wailing over his body.

“[We] trained our lasers on his chest and fired several rounds. The bullets tore into him, slamming his body into the floor until he was motionless,” the book reads according to a report by the Huffington Post, which also purchased a copy of the book.

The SEALs later found two weapons stored by the doorway, untouched, the author said. Neither weapon was loaded.

“He hadn’t even prepared a defense. He had no intention of fighting. He asked his followers for decades to wear suicide vests or fly planes into buildings, but didn’t even pick up his weapon,” Owen wrote.

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