Sheriff Arpaio requests help in investigating Obama’s birth certificate

Joe Arpaio (Reuters / Joshua Lott)
Joe Arpaio (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

They are a rare sight in America these days, but if you are lucky you may spot a bumper sticker asking, “Where’s the birth certificate?”

That’s what Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is still asking, and on Wednesday he requested the support of the US Selective Service System as part of the continuing exploration of President Obama’s legal status.

Many “birthers” believe there is a substantial amount of evidence that President Obama was born in Kenya in 1961 and strongly believe his birth certificate was fabricated to make him suitable for the presidency.

I have spoken of the need to enlist the aid of other agencies,” Arpaio said in a press release.

The controversial sheriff is hoping to have the support of Selective Service System Director Lawrence Romo to “conduct a concurrent investigation to verify the authenticity of this document.

He believes if Romo is able to provide the original highly sought after document, Arpaio feels he can determine its authenticity.

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