The Juice went off in DHS, electricity that is!


The heat took its first toll in Desert Hot Springs. At 4:45pm, the electricity went off with a big bang. Minutes later, the Fire Department was on the scene. No fire hazards, but the juice is off. Getting hot in the place, and I hope Edison can fix it fast.

So, if you have a home in the neighborhood of West and 7th Street, you will feel the pain for a spell. If you are an elder person, cool of at some friends’ home with their electric still on, or water yourself down, that is what I do. Make sure your animals and yourself have plenty of water (still running) available.

Open some windows, for cross ventilation. Check with Edison or call city hall, use your cell phone. They should be working at this time, you know, 4-day job and all) good luck!


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