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The New Kid in ‘D’ town, DHSTODAY.COM

The New Kid in ‘D’ town, DHSTODAY.COM

Bring out the very best discussion at DHStoday.com,  Desert Hot Springs own “Facebook like” online community meeting place.

Easy Sign Up by using your Facebook,Twitter, Google or any other social network account,  introduce yourself and say hello. Promote your business, hobby or announce your next event. Create an Ad in seconds. Talk about anything you like, create your own blog, participate in the forum. Support your ‘D-community’, invite your friends to sign up.

Starting this week, DHStoday.com will have its first photo contest, post your best photo of Desert Hot Springs on your Dhstoday.com page. Contest ends April 17th 2012; the winner gets a $100 cash prize. Check out the details this week at DHStoday, we have a goal to get 500 members on the site by Friday, please join me, sign up today.

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